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Playground in Schlaneid 

Playground in Schlaneid (Mölten, South Tyrol)+

Since Autumn 2010 we have a new paradise for children. In the middle of the untouched nature of the town of Schlaneid a wonderful playground was built which is only a 5-minutes walk from our farm. Kids can amuse themselves with several games: slides, swings, sand box, table tennis, seesaw and football field. Kids are the holder of this playground keeping them amused and sharing at the same time some quality time with their mom and dad.

Winter at Mölten 


Enjoy your quiet and recreative holidays far away from noise and stress. You reach the skiing-region Merano 2000 (Falzeben) in a few kilometres by shuttle or car. Furthermore there are waiting other pleasures for you like sledging through snowy fields and forests, snowshoe hiking, cross-country skiing or enjoying the sunlight.

Summer at Mölten 

Summer at Mölten, South Tyrol+

Salonetto is the perfect starting place for many walking-tours. Famous hiking destinations are Stoanerner Mandlen, St. Ulrich, Sattler Hütte, Langfenn, Knottnkino etc.

Sightseeing South Tyrol 

Sightseeing South Tyrol+

In the immediate vicinity you can do a lot of sightseeing: the museum of fossils at Meltina, the champagne producer “ARUNDA” at Meltina, the romance church, the museum of archaeology at Bolzano, the bee’s farm Plattner at Bolzano, the Messner Mountain Museum etc.

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